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When the trees filled out with leaves in the spring we lost TV signal.  By adding a TV/LNB We now Have TV WOW!!!




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All software in in the MODEM



DW-Armand_Teaching.JPG (38947 bytes)


Hands on technique



DW-_Classroom.JPG (57480 bytes)


Class Room Time



DW-On_Hands_instruction.JPG (114933 bytes)


Outside too!



DW-_Dish_in_Serice.JPG (83999 bytes)


Dish in Service



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  Roof Mount 

Data Storm is

also an option

$5985.00 CDN$

$500.00 Install










The joy of 24/7 Internet with our  

  Tri-Pod Internet Satellite System 

  RVers Call TMCW  (Tech Mobile)  705-934-3217 Info 

Updated Nov 2007 -  As of Sep 2010 We are still using this system during our summers at our isolated  Valley Campground in Woodstock Ontario.  Many parks now offer WiFi but this system works fantastic in isolated areas.



See Info on Marketplace.


NOTE: May 2006, I switched to the faster and easier-to-use DW 7000 Modem (an upgrade from my original DW 6000). Transmission is smoother with faster upload. FYI All new buyers dealing with 3i Communications  (Now Tech Mobile 705-934-3217) automatically have a DW7000.     


The Wonders of my (formerly DirectWay)         by Peggi McDonald  

John and I have enjoyed our wonderful Internet Connection since May 2005.  I continue my ‘love affair’ with my Dish and I’m most impressed with being on-line 24/7 while we travel place to place. We’ve bought our DirecWay (now Hughes)15 May 2005 in southern Ontario – connection has been available everywhere including the western peninsula of Newfoundland (except St Anthony’s - the most northern tip - we were also out of cell contact). As we travelled to east Newfoundland we ventured to the edge of the Dish footprint. Countless conversations with Armand, our patient supplier and the helpful tech support at Galaxy Broadband Satellite (our Cdn server) still could not locate reception – we assumed we were too far east for the footprint of my .74 meter dish. 


However during our time on the Western peninsula heavy wind knocked my Dish over.  (Now we anchor it with several large plastic bottles), It worked once after the first fall but as we moved east we could not receive a signal.  The pointing arm had to be replaced in Halifax a month later.  So until we return to the Rock we will not know if it would work that far east or not.

click photos to enlarge

    DW-patio-dish-table.jpg (101547 bytes)    Dish-MH_beside_us.jpg (62392 bytes)    DSCN4526-SM.jpg (145007 bytes)

Our pretty Patio                           Surprise!!! We NEVER lost signal             All dressed up for Christmas 


 NOTE: In May when we set up camp in our site at Golden Pond - Dish signal was great but when the trees grew leaves we lost signal.  When I mentioned this in the Diary a friend told us about the TV -LNB. This little Gismo sells for $200.00 but it simply hooks onto the Sat Dish-LNB.  We attach a second cable from the TV-LNB to the Receiver and we once again have Express Vu TV reception. Yahoo!!!  Click  picture at the left to enlarge for a better view.  




However we continued to enjoy our (DirecWay) Tri-pod System  throughout the USA last winter - out west last summer and we are into another winter in the south.  It feels so great to be on line 24/7 no matter where your travels take you. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants Internet contact as you enjoy the freedom of the RV Lifestyle. My connection speed began at 18 times faster than dial-ups and it has VASTLY improved since I began to use the DW7000. It is a slight bit less than tycpical high-speed, but it is sooooo much faster than dial-up and light years ahead of Data feed Cell phone.. This way of connectivity continues to impress us.

In one park we set our Dish up near the edge of our campsite because the park was not very busy and we didn’t expect neighbours. However when a large 40-foot Monaco Panther pulled into the adjacent site, we were convinced we would have to move the dish to continue service – thankfully this was not the case.  His extended motorhome slides rested about two-feet from our Dish – however surprisingly our Internet signal remained strong and uninterrupted.  Guess it found the satellite above our neighbours motorhome



            Ten days into ownership,  Galaxy Broadband, our Canadian satellite server called just to check if everything was working as expected. They simply wanted to ensure we had the Tech contact numbers if we had any problems down the road. Galaxy came across as a company that cares for their customers.  Armand (and Todd) from  (3i Communications) is also available for set-up problems as well. (Contact info is at end of story).    


 Connection Options

Our first choice to access the satellite was to bring the cable into the RV through a window. This worked fairly well but it also was an open invitation to the flying ‘bug’ population to take up residence.  Friends chose to add an access point from a storage pod in close proximity to his inside office area.  In a secluded spot he drilled a hole through the coach wall and permanently installed a short piece of Co-Axel cable complete with adapters to connect this cable to the dish cable. Because his modem/connections are inside, they are protected from the elements.

This system would also work with a desktop set-up. (To be wireless, a computer connects easier if it uses XP operating system). Some RVers store these components in a storage pod if their computer works wirelessly – however it has to connect to electricity.  Most can connect wirelessly within a 100 metres. My new computer has the ultra bright screen so now I can work on the patio. However because John’s former computer used ME operating system – it had to be connected by wire.

These days our modem/adapter and router nestle in the base of an end table - designed to hold magazines. It sits near the driver’s door. I never disconnect the wires on my modem.  Bungies secure the extra co-axle cable ( in rolls) that connect the Dish to the modem, adapter and the power bar (designed to protect everything from power surges). Previously to using the table we stored these items under the drivers seat. Sometimes we pass the Dish cable under the coach to connect to the DW 7000 modem through the door – the door will still lock. There are several connectivity options available – the above offer only a few ways to consider.


  Security for our Dish set up on our campsite

In the beginning to discourage our components ‘from growing legs’ in some areas, we added a chain from the back of the Dish area - through the tripod legs before locking it in place – we secure the other end to a stationary support. Since the Dish is only part of the set-up we no longer secure it with a lock however we do weigh our Dish  down with 3 gallon plastic jugs of water - one on each tri-pod leg and sometimes another in the centre,  In the beginning ours did go over twice but not since we began to weigh it down.


 Secure the service for our use only

            Over the past two years I had heard of numerous RVers who would drive around an upscale neighbourhood to see if an open WiFi connection was available. They would then log onto these connections with their laptops. If a computer is wireless and there is an unsecured connection available – such as with our type of system, other campers can connect to the ‘Net. They may not be able to send their email but many of these surfers can receive theirs.  However Armand placed a security password on my computer – so John and I are the only ones who can access the signal from our DirectWay system.  When I want to share my system with a special friend that stops by to visit, I simply share my security number for input into their computer.


Extra Equipment Required

We received the DirecWay dish, tripod, Co-Ax cable (we requested 40 feet), supporting hardware, manual and support as needed from 3i Communications, now Tech Mobile and Communicatons.  (Co-Ax Cable may??? work better in two connecting lengths – 15’ and 25’). All software is part of the DW7000 modem – no extra programs are added to our computer. We also purchased a surge protector (for piece of mind) and a router for wireless operation from Armand – these are available from other sources as well. 

My previous computer operated wirelessly with the aid of an antenna connected to a USB cable (I used this set-up when connected to WiFi in a campground). However I needed a router before my computer could connect wireless to the Dish. John’s computer had no plug-in adapter for a LAN (Local Area Network) line. So Armand added one to enable connection to the router or to the DirecWay modem.


Costs, Training And Support

            Purchase price is $1495.00 Cdn plus tax (prices could change).  One-time fees at Galaxy include a $75.00 (Licence) and $49.00 (satellite). Monthly service ranges from $69.00 (for a two year contract) - slightly more for one year contract. These rates may/may not include a $10.00 monthly mobility fee - all prices in Cdn$.

If money is no object, the fully automatic DataStorm Roof-mounted System offers another option – no set-up on your part. ($5995.00 plus tax - $500.00 installation) Fees above are similar. The manual DirecWay system is also available as a roof mount for the same cost as the tri-pod – for both roof and tripod units add an additional $295.00.

The training manual and ongoing tech support from "Tech Mobile and Communications" is second to none.  Their equipment is of the highest quality. Superio to some Set-ups I have sceen.


Customers from outside of Canada

Armand and staff from Tech Mobile and Communications (formerly 3i Communications) will ship the set-ups across the border for American RVers. Prices will be in US$ as well as users will be connected to American satellite servers.


Final Thoughts

            John and I set our DirecWay up at every change of campsite, especially if we stay for two days or longer. (During short periods when I could not set up the DirecWay I reverted to connecting using my slow cell with Verizon’s after-hour Canada plan – I was able to retrieve email and limited surf when connected to my Ositech USB charger/connecting cable). The DirecWay Dish is fairly large (.74 metre) but when dismantled it fits inside most RV storage pods. In our case the Dish/Tri-pod system travels in the back seat of our car.

DirecWay systems were available from many sources but WHEN POSSIBLE??? Armand, users who visit their shop can receive a 5-6 hours of set-up training plus follow-up support. PART OF THE KIT IS A COMPREHENSIVE BINDER THAT COVERS ALL ASPECTS OF SETTING UP ETC, TECH MOBILE(3i Communications) have refined their easy to assemble tri-pod with turn knobs instead of wrenches etc, but it does take a some learning to get it all together.

Problems don’t seem to be overwhelming.  We initially set up our dish on the 15 May 2005 and moved it 10 days later just for practice. It now takes us about 10-15 minutes to assemble and usually another 5 minutes to receive signal.  Bottom line is “If we (sometimes me alone) can do it; anyone can”.




            For more user info feel free to contact me -  I’ll be happy to answer any Questions I can from a new user point of view.

Armand Lalonde  705-934-3217. Tell him Peggi asked you to call. RV Living is a referral affiliate of this system.







This info is very different these days.  My system is for sale on our Marketplace Forum


Armand  Lalonde from Tech Mobile Communications and Wireless (formerly 3i Communications   They are only a phone call away.  He is EXTREMELY patient to walk you through problems.


ORIGINAL Prices. May be different for 2012
Cost is
$1495.00 +Tax. Cdn 3i Communications offer an easy to assemble tri-pod with turn knobs instead of wrenches etc - but it only take a minimal level of persistence to get it all together.


Galaxy Broadband Cost  in Cdn$ begins at
$69. per month for 2 years 

OR $10.00 more for one year. ($10.00 per/month mobile fee may be added)


A $75.00 Cdn$ one time licence fee is required and 

$49.00 to register the satellite  


Info is also available on the DataStorm Automatic Roof-mount.  

Cost $6995.00 Cdn$ plus $500.00 Cdn Installation