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  RV Travel to Canada 2009...


Published - June 09.  

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RV Travel to Canada 

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A few of many such clubs...

§  Adventure Outdoor Resorts (AOR) & (AOR Gold)


§  Coast-to-Coast (C2C)

   & Coast-to-Coast Deluxe (C2C Deluxe)


§  Resorts of Distinction (ROD) & (ROD) Plus


§  Resort Parks International (RPI Plus) & (RPI Preferred)


§  Thousand Trails


§  Western Horizons




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This is the Ins and Outs of a unique form of spreading camping - it may and may not be a solution for your travel experiences.


      RVers consistently search for the most interesting and economical ways to enjoy the wonders of this fantastic mobile lifestyle. Joining a Membership Campground is one option that provides an affordable alternative to seasonal camping. It also is beneficial if you are looking for inexpensive travel during short or long trips. Parks are located throughout Canada from east to west plus at numerous  American locations – plus a few in Mexico . Becoming a member is a super way to stretch travel camping dollars over many future years.

       Overnight rates depend on a variety of factors such as the ‘Membership Club(s)’ that your park belongs to - or associates with. Your membership may also include a selection of ‘no-cost’ ‘home RV parks’. All members also have the opportunity to stay as a guest at additional ‘member parks’ – those in your system as well as parks in other systems that your ‘home park’ is associated with. Overnight visitor camping fees range between $8-$12.  The ‘Membership Club’ that your ‘home park’ belongs to usually offers stays of one to three weeks in one location – followed by a one-week break (called an ‘out week’) before a return is possible for another one to three weeks – time ‘in’ depends on the type of membership purchased.  In some parks stopovers translate as ‘time in’ equals ‘time out’.


      When visiting other ‘member parks’ within your ‘system’ – similar stays may be available – followed with ‘time out’. Depending on the terms of your membership – allowable stays are comparable at ‘visitor parks’ in associated ‘systems’ – a 7 to 30-day ‘time out’ separates stops. Each membership park usually allows two such visitor stays at their park during peak season - some allow extra stays in non-peak seasons. As a rule, reservations are required – they can be booked through the Clubs Reservation Department from 30-90 days in advance – drive-ups without reservations may not be allowed.

        The most popular ‘Membership Park Systems’ are listed below in alphabetical order. There are numerous more groups – each with their own usage regulations. Be sure to check out more than one. The majority of each ‘family’ of RV Resorts are part of similar clubs


§  Adventure Outdoor Resorts (AOR) & (AOR Gold)

§  Coast-to-Coast (C2C) & Coast-to-Coast Deluxe (C2C Deluxe)

§  Resorts of Distinction (ROD) & (ROD) Plus

§  Resort Parks International (RPI Plus) & (RPI Preferred)

§  Thousand Trails

§  Western Horizons






              Membership terms may be limited to a ‘set number of years’, or a ‘one lifetime’ and in some instances, even ‘transferable’ to children or future generations. So although your purchase could appear costly in the beginning – if you can use it for years and it can be passed on to your children, the outlay becomes more affordable. Park location, plus number and quality of parks within your ‘Club’ comes into the equation when determining comparable dues and cost of your membership purchase. ‘Home park’ annual dues range from under a hundred dollars to much higher – amounts depend on amenities offered.  Of course each level of amenities or benefits raise the cost.  But many systems include a variety of tempting extras such as additional ‘home parks’ – or resorts where you can stay for one to three weeks at ‘no-cost’.  Some ‘systems’ allow members to gravitate from one ‘member park’ or ‘home park’ to another without a 7-day break between.

          Overnight rates at visiting parks vary from this ‘no-cost’ feature to ‘$8-$10’. Although the quality of ‘home parks’ fluctuate from a basic campground to 5-star resorts – with your ‘home park’ membership and your ‘club membership’ you can travel to and enjoy the facilities of a 5-star resort even though your ‘home park’ might be a very basic place to camp.

          Numerous ‘membership park systems’ enhance member benefits by belonging to more than one ‘Club’. For instance, your ‘home park’ may associate with Coast-To-Coast (C2C) or Resort Parks International (RPI) – the largest ‘systems’ – as well as with several of the smaller ‘systems’ mentioned above, plus numerous others. This provides members with access to a larger selection of stopping spots. Overnights in each park may be limited to a one-week stay twice per year at a cost of $8.00-$10.00 per night. Thousand Trails (TT) was the first membership type park, but their system differs slightly. Stopovers in TT parks are ‘no-cost’ for members, but dues vary according to region and overnights used.  The more systems your ‘home park’ associates with; the more benefits your ‘home park’ can offer. Each addition enhances your overall package and helps to justify your ‘home park’ level of dues and/or purchase price.

         Those who don’t plan to travel extensively after joining their ‘home park’, may be able to eliminate benefits they can’t use, thus reducing initial cost. Most buyers also have a choice of what different ‘systems’ they wish to belong to. Members can join as many or as few associated ‘systems’ as they wish.  Your ‘home park’ may be a member – or it may be an associate – of different ‘membership clubs’. Members and associates enjoy different privileges. Each ‘associate club’ does charge a low annual member fee for reciprocal use of the parks in their ‘system’. But for those who might not be able to use that benefit, there is no need to join that ‘system’.

      The wonders of Membership Camping opens an alternative to lower camping costs. If travelling as snowbirds or fulltimers, RVers have an opportunity to reap the benefit of many ‘no-cost’ home park’ amenities throughout North America . Although up front costs may be higher, this form of travel definitely decreases day-to-day cash spent on overnight accommodations during present or future years. You can very quickly recover the original cost of the membership, if you are a frequent camper.  

      When your work commitments limit time away – joining a ‘membership park’ makes sense in another way. If your new park is close to where you live, you have the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of your home park for one-three weeks (weekends) before you put your rig in storage for your ‘time out’. You can return to the park for another one-three weeks or you can visit a different park in your ‘system for your ‘time out’.  All this camping is at ‘no-cost except for your annual ‘home park dues’ for ‘home park’ members.    

         One bonus of ‘home park systems’ – several offer quality discounted rental cabins, villas, etc. are available for yourselves, your family and/or friends at 50% discount savings. Those who don’t wish to buy a cottage at the lake, or for various reasons choose not to buy can join ‘membership parks’ to enjoy affordable cottage style get-a-ways. Most membership parks offer numerous benefits to keep campers of any age happy. The entire family can have a ball for many years to come. As the kids grow up, Mom and Dad can use their ‘membership club’ to travel inexpensively into retirement. As an added plus - many ‘systems’ are also affiliated with a chain of deep discounted non-membership parks, club magazines, travel benefits and more.

           When buying into a membership park, you basically pre-purchase campground discounts for now and into the future. Purchase prices range between $3,000–$10,000+. The average is $6000 – but low cost financing is generally available. After your initial purchase – annual ‘home park’ dues, along with annual ‘club fees’ for each ‘system’ you subscribe to are the only recurring cost. This may be an incentive to find a park with low ‘home park’ dues. With this type of purchase you basically pay up front for the privilege of many years of economical camping. Membership parks offer a superior alternative to paying individual overnight fees or annual seasonal rates at a local camping spot. It’s easy to buy a program tailored to your needs.

       Buying a long-term contract may or may not be your best move. Overtime your camping needs can change – there is no guarantee that your kids will want to use your membership.  Consider buying to enjoy your ‘home park(s)’ for today – and future camping at ‘no-cost/low cost’ parks will be a bonus. 

       As needs develop, you can simply add appealing extras from those your ‘home park’ offers. The enhanced programs feature several equivalent ‘no-cost/low-cost parks’ in various places throughout the USA and Canada , plus a few in Mexico . If you become extensive travellers between A-B several years down the road – being a member will definitely extend your camping budget.  

       Some parks offer free/low-cost ‘introduction-style’ stopovers so you can get-to-know what a park is like. By all means enjoy the gift, but take time to think about what is being offered in the sale process. Is the package for you? One alternative is to check out ‘resale memberships’ advertised in numerous International RV Magazines. Be aware that the location of that discounted ‘home park’ most likely will not encourage frequent camping near where you spend the majority of your time. To reap the benefits a ‘resale home park’ offers, you may need to visit numerous parks in a variety of locations. ‘Home park’ choices can range from very high to inexpensive – with dues at various levels. Some might only offer minimum benefits and/or limited ‘no-cost’ ‘home parks’ – that type may or may not suit your needs. Bottom line is to ‘Shop Around’ and if a sale does not seem right, keep looking for the ‘home park’ geared to your needs – take time to think about the offer, as it will affect you now and down the road as well. Buying smart will make your experience a positive experience.

         I realize you’re not buying into a new ‘membership park’ with plans to sell what you just bought, but it is best you are aware of all details. Members who reach a point where they don’t wish to continue usage of their ‘membership park systems’, may be able to pay a small cancellation fee to their ‘home park’. Also inquire if your ‘home park’ will buy your membership back and at what cost? Is there is an option to sell your membership to another person? If so it may be wise to advertise yours in International RV magazines for a price that includes a small transfer fee.

        In closing I highlight that RVing via the ‘membership park system’ offers such a wonderful opportunity to camp at great parks while staying put or travelling east, west, north and south.  When a good majority of the time your stay will be ’free’ or a low ‘$8-$10 per night’ it’s an added plus. Before long you’ll relish the many benefits of your purchase.  Membership parks are well worth checking out, but keep your eyes open so you know the details offered.  Travel safe!!!



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