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Our Krusin' Kastle #3
glistens like she just came off the assembly line.


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Murray's professional knowledge showed up big time

The story of her transformation after

2 1/2 days of hard work

 shows up in the photos below.


Before and After

coach before & after.jpg (10093 bytes)

Hard work pays off

coach bottom too.jpg (11180 bytes)




coach-thanks_Murray-Meguires.jpg (69614 bytes)





coach-driverside_difference.jpg (38966 bytes)





No Crevice missed


coach-Murray_working_miracles.jpg (13404 bytes)


Finish off with Wax

coach-wax finishing.jpg (13664 bytes)

John looks after the tires

coach-John_doing_the_tires.jpg (18929 bytes)

Liz replenishes coffee

coach-liz_supplies_refills.jpg (16248 bytes)



Our shimmering Kastle

She is so beautiful

Thanks ever so much Murray