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RV Living
Facts, Tips, Hints and More: Volume One
by Peggi McDonald  (copyright) 2001--

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CCA is  mentioned as an Discount Camping Club in this ebook.  This CLUB IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS. Although another club has taken over their clients I still know very little about them.  Sorry for any inconveninece this may cause.   I will try to upgrade that portion of this ebook when I get a chance.   Peggi 


Do you have questions about---

---then "RV Living ---Facts, Tips, Hints and More: Volume One" is the e-book for you!

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(Volume One includes the most current and comprehensive overview covering
membership camping and camping clubs available anywhere). 


This  e-book  is  the  first of  many we  expect  will  soon be
part of contents.  Learning the art of
writing basic HTML files was my biggest challenge
especially with my limited computer knowledge.


Thanks to  the wonderful  patience  of  Les  Doll  from  I  finally  made  it.  Hundreds
of   encouraging   e-mails   answered  my  repeated
cries  for  help. Les says that computer frustration
makes  him  pull his  hair out;   frustration makes
me cry - at  59  years old, it's  not  a pretty sight.
The  program I  used  was  an  introductory  version  of  the  'E-book  Complier'. It
limited my  creativity somewhat as well as the number of photos and graphics. As
a result "RV Living --- Volume One" is not everything I would like it to be but
the content is valuable as a review for seasoned RVers and much needed
information  for  'newbies' --- Volume One  is a  great  trial  run.


Thanks so much Diane (Webmaster) for your patience and John (my love), I really appreciate your editing help as well as your overwhelming support. I couldn't do these e-books without either of you. To all our visitors stay tuned---Volume Two will be along real soon. 

In memory of Diane who lost her battle with Cancer June 2004


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P.S. It takes anywhere from 34 to 38 pages to print the entire Volume One E-book.

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