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"RV Living --- Facts, Tips, Hints and More:
Volume Two"

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"Volume Two" is an informative mini-guidebook for those new to this great RV
lifestyle plus the tips are a reassuring reminder for seasoned RVers.



NOTE: These ebooks are only available to users with Windows 95/98/NT and
Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher. You do not need to use Internet
Explorer  but it must  be on your  computer hard drive.

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Do you have questions about---

---then "RV Living---Facts, Tips, Hints, and More: Volume Two "is the e-book for you!

"RV Living  ---  Facts, Tips, Hints and More:  Volume  Two" is the
second  in  this  series  that  will  soon  become  a big  part of
RV Living.net. The task of writing these is becoming easier
but  learning  computerese   and  understanding  'html'
code  remains my  biggest challenge.  Putting this
informative  composition of  stories  together is
all  part of the  learning  curve.  Although my
technique  is  improving,  in  time  each
should  be  better  than  the  previous.



I couldn't have done this e-book or the previous one without the help and patience of Les Doll of www.rverscorner.com . The words "Thank You"   seem so insignificant for all your help Les. "Once again take a bow".

I also owe our friend, partner and volunteer webmaster Diane a great big hug and a special "Thank You".  She found time in her hectic schedule to learn how to post both these books to the site. I don't say it often enough Diane but John and I sure do appreciate all you have done for us and on our fantastic webpage.  Words seem so insignificant, however please accept a very warm "Thanks"  from both of us. Diane lost her battle to cancer June 3004 - we miss you Di!

I used the easy to use "E-book Compiler by Sunil Tanna" at www.ebookcompiler.com  to compose both "Volume One and Volume Two". These first two intro books are 'FREE' downloads. This way our visitors can glean valuable information while I learn the ins and outs of this new form of publication

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